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Shrooms Pastel Rainbow Manifestation Journal

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Intuitive Writing & Manifestation Journal

Use it to clear your mind on what you want to manifest into your life, end your meditation session by journaling, make gratitude lists, or use as a sketchbook... the possibilities are endless. 
 Your words are your wand.

  • Front cover print
  • 120 ruled line single pages
  • Black back cover
  • Ships in 3 Days or less
  • Makes an amazing gift!

Surround yourself with sacred symbols carrying ancient wisdom to balance your spirit. Be a visionary.

The human use of fungi for changing consciousness extends far into pre-history. It’s one of the first foods we ate, teas we drank, and even served as a fire starter. Mushrooms are not plants, nor are they vegetables. They are biologically more similar to human beings than vegetation. They hold a lot of promise for our future for helping clean waste from man made environmental disasters. They’re magical.