Pink & Purple Hunab Ku Beach Towel
Pink & Purple Hunab Ku Beach Towel

Pink & Purple Hunab Ku Beach Towel

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The Hunab Ku is a sacred glyph from the Mayan civilization. It's a core sign of their sacred calendar and depicts movement and energy, the principle of life itself, in a balanced design reminiscent of the Eastern yin-yang symbol. It's the galactic core, found at the center of the calendar, and is thought to be the essence that coordinates the star systems. Fuck yea!
One-sided print, polyester facing with cotton loop backing for extra lush absorbency. 
.: Pink & Purple!!!
.: 50% Polyester 50% Cotton
.: Cotton loop backing
.: Soft and absorbent
.: Multiple sizes
.: Ships in 3 Days
.: Makes an amazing gift!
When I lay out on this beach towel, whether I’m beachside or poolside, I feel the blessings rain down. Heads turn. Embarrassment falls upon the faces of all those laying on old, rough towels from their parent’s linen closet. Where did she get that?

You know where to get it. Right here.

This beach towel is a work of Art.