About Artist Mary Mecca

My first spiritual awakening was when I was 6 years old.
Waiting for church to begin, I placed my face in my hands and kneeled to pray.
What I saw in the darkness that day has never left my brain.
I saw rainbows swirling and constructing geometric patterns. Then those patterns moved and changed, deconstructing, and reforming a new pattern, over and over. I was filled with joy and felt carried away in play.
I was in awe. I was elated. I felt connected to the divine. 
But it didn’t take long for me to realize these kinds of visuals were not shared among the congregation.
Therefore I’ve lived my life constantly questioning our spiritual nature as humans, and I believe we each contain enormous power with our souls.

My feelings about the divine have always reflected this vision I saw as a child.
Infinite patterns, a full spectrum of color, and beautiful harmony.
Growing up, I always loved to paint, so much that I painted my carpet as a kid and my mom had it ripped up to reveal concrete floors that she allowed me to paint freely.
A corner of my bedroom has always been dedicated to creating. I painted on the floor the words “Arts & Crafts” only to have my older brothers conspire together and paint an 'F' at the beginning of Arts and transform the 'ft' in crafts to a P to make my sign say Farts & Craps. Lol.

I feel lucky that I had 3 brothers to joke around with all the time, because humor has also played a huge role in my life and the way my spirit developed.

I had 2 more significant spiritual awakenings before the age of 18. Both times, my spirit disconnected from my body and watched it from above. These were times where since I had no control of what was going on in the physical, I detached and observed. These were just as confusing as they were profound, and impacted the way that I understand the concept of the spirit and our human experience.

My favorite class growing up - as you might have guessed - was always art class. I remember every single art teacher I’ve ever had. I so wish I could go back in time to see my face when I found out you can study Art in university. I was ecstatic and during my time there, I got laser focused on bringing my visions into being.

I created my first body of artwork. It didn’t take long for me to stray far, far away from any kind of realism or modeling with paint. It just isn’t my joy. My professors encouraged my inherent inkling toward patterns, bright colors, and topics like spirituality.

My first artist statement that I ever wrote began by stating: “My paintings are my prayers and meditations.” Throughout school I also studied jewelry design & metalsmithing, completing many pieces with full body adornment, as well as an assortment of halos to wear on my head. My final solo show was both paintings and jewelry, titled Mary Mecca: The Infinite Conception.

After I graduated I continued to make art, and created an art gallery to show myself and other artists. Throughout many shows over the years, I sold every single piece of my art.

I traveled the world, visiting Fiji, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Mexico, Bali, China, Canada, and more of the United States, mainly, California. I eventually settled down in San Francisco, two blocks from the beach where I watch the sunset with my beloved every evening.

I’m currently printing my harmonious, rainbow designs onto super soft beach towels, which is a long time dream of mine come true. I plan to add more products in the future, but for me, a sun lover, beautiful beach towels is a destiny line.

Lately I am asking the questions: 
What would the world look like, if instead of people consuming social media, TV news, and celebrities, they consumed harmonious imagery, meditated on beauty, and enjoyed the healing patterns of nature?
How would people grow and heal if harmonious, universal patterns and geometries were more prevalent than the barrage of negative iconography we are usually surrounded by?
I love to design compositions to give pleasure through beauty and elegance. I am a visionary who sees the possibility for a future of humankind at a higher consciousness and wisdom. I seek originality and an ever evolving, imaginative aesthetic.
I create colorful, visionary artwork that aims to speak to the natural human within us all. I seek to sneak into your mind and break down socially-constructed concepts of what what it means to be spiritual. Viewing my pieces opens channels of consciousness in the mind and allows new waves of thinking to permeate the inner being.
There is so much disharmony and strife in the world. We are surrounded by images of violence and suffering on a daily basis. These images sink into our subconscious and create a sense of fear and lack. In order to counterbalance this, I strive to create art that embodies simplicity, beauty, and healing.
"Art is a material act of culture, but it's greatest value is its spiritual role, and that influences society because it's the greatest contribution to the intellectual and moral development of humanity that can be made." - Ana Medieta
My visionary aesthetic seeks to be a spiritual and influential contribution to society. 
The images and geometries in the paintings represent visual meditations that invite the audience to sit with harmonious and universal patterns. The intention of the artwork is to imitate the intimate essence of nature, not its actual appearance, and to serve as an aid to meditation about the true meaning of life.
It's time to be more intentional with the patterns & colors you surround yourself with.

Surround yourself with a full spectrum of colors
Gaze upon harmonious patterns
Balance your spirit
Heal yourself, heal the whole world

Be a visionary.
A visionary doesn't just see the future,
what they see is the present, more clearly.