When will I receive my order?

Each item is made to order and has anywhere from 1-5 days in production. Beach Towels, Sketchbooks, Journals, Mugs, Laptop Sleeves, and Phone Cases have the shortest production times, about 1-3 days. Beach Bags, Tote Bags, Makeup Bags, & Pouches have 4-5 days of production time. Each item ships immediately after production and comes via USPS usually within 3-5 days. Your order will be delivered as early as 5 days after your purchase or as many as 10. Always let me know ASAP if there are any problems.

Where does my order come from?

I'm thankful to be working with a few high quality print providers in North America. Some orders ship from Brooklyn, NY, while others come from Norcross, GA, and Hendersonville, NC.  

Can my order be expedited?

The only thing that can be expedited is shipping. The usual production times mentioned above (1-5 days) will remain the same. There is no way for me to expedite production. From the time your item is complete, shipping can be expedited for a fee, bringing you the item faster than USPS can deliver.

How should I recycle my packaging?

It's my goal to negotiate common sense compostable packaging into the systems of each of my print providers. I've initiated these discussions already. In the meantime, please remove the sticker labels from your packaging and recycle it alongside plastic bags like grocery bags. A lot of grocery stores have receptacles for this kind of recycling. Some cities allow sorted plastic bags to be collected with the weekly recycle bin. If you are unsure, search google for a plastic bag recycle drop off in your specific area. This is going to be an ongoing project for me to get them to adopt new practices that are safer for the environment and other humans on the planet we share and are stewards for.

Can I work with you to get an item made with a custom design/colors?

I am willing to work with you. Contact me for details.